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Space Technology Consultancy

We are a seasoned bunch of space professionals with about 15 years of experience in space sector. Our expertise includes all stages of design, development and production of space products like satellites and launch vehicles. We also can provide specialized insights in the field of Intellectual Property for the space industry. 

Our Services

We offer consultancy and support in all kinds of projects involved with the space industry.

Our Services

Design & Simulation 

We have expertise in providing design support and simulation guidance for various stages of the launch vehicle development

Quality & Testing

We have a team of experts with us who can help with your quality requirements especially, introduction of proper testing requirements and the inspection requirements

Space Law

Ignorance of Law is not an excuse, which translates to saying, knowledge of Law is Prudence. We have expertise in various aspects of Law in general like Natural Law, International Law etc. We provide Insights into the Space Laws which are fascinating and Futuristic.

Industry 4.0 setup

The rapidly progressing space industry demands IoT solutions modelled in the form of Industry 4.0. Make sure you consult us iwhen it comes to setup of space industries

Virtual Reality

Make easy design evaluations by employing the latest methods in product visualization and intgration.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learing 

Discuss with our experts on your critical processes and how they can be optimized to form a smooth flowing assembly line.


Kindly ask for the high references that we so proudly carry on our shoulders, and hence have the responsibility to keep the good name up

Kartik Guduru

CEO, SpaceGem


Ready to find out more?

Just drop in a mail with your concerns and we would promptly reply you with pertinent information.

We would be happy to provide you with free consultation in the case you are a Start-Up.

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